These are desperate times for Team Train (3-8) as just one more loss will officially end our chances of tying Team Sarah (9-2). Could desperate measures be taken on this week's crucial episode?

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Team Train Picks - Cleveland

Like a bad recurring dream that's the same color as a bad penny that keeps turning up, Hugh and I are once again forced to pick a Cleveland game.

Every time we pick them, they lose. If we pick against them? They look like world beaters.

Hugh and I figure we'll take them this week against Miami because if they lose to the LOWLY Dolphins? Both of our collective football seasons will be OVER and that's just too metaphoric an option to pass up.

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Team Sarah Picks - New Orleans

Another week and another win for the infallible duo who continue to scorch the earth with a 9-2 record.

They once again select Drew Brees and The Saints to win yet another Divisional showdown as they host Carolina on Sunday.

It sure looks like another easy win but, YA NEVER KNOW!