You are looking at two victorious teams of football predictors. On this week's edition of U Pick Em, Sarah has a quote that is so amazing, so epic and so utterly profound that we're thinking of putting it on next year's t-shirt.

Pauline Photo Credit
Pauline Photo Credit


'His what got benched?' -Sarah Sullivan, Owner of a 10-2 Record When Picking Football Games

The 'what' in this case was really a 'who'. The phrase 'Cause Flacco got benched' was slightly misinterpreted and the rest is hilarious history.

I, for one, will use the phrase 'His what got BENCHED' as a QB catch phrase FOREVER!

Team Train Picks: Baltimore

Hugh and I haven't had two wins in a row this this year. Hopefully Lamar Jackson will continue his MVP season and crush Jimmy G's Niners in Baltimore.

And hey! If we're wrong (AGAIN) it helps the Pats get the overall Number One seed.

Team Sarah Picks: LA Chargers

This is not an easy game AT ALL. Jacob ultimately decided that the Chargers will win based on reviewing their incredibly inconsistent performances thus far.

Sarah agreed, but only after Jacob clarified what team he was talking about.


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