The most epic comeback in the history of all sports? That may be an understatement folks. Hee Hee.

Pauline Photo Credit
Pauline Photo Credit

I realize that Team Hugh (7-8) is STILL four games behind Team Jacob (11-4) but we are really on fire!

I can't believe that if Houston wins tomorrow (like they are favored to do so) we will be at .500 again for the first time since September!

Team Jacob Picks Minnesota

Sarah and Jacob really haven't been on the same page for awhile now. Hey, it happens to all the greats. I'm not about to throw shade upon an 11-4 record while I'm dreaming of a .500 Christmas.

But Sarah thinks that Green Bay will win the final Monday night game of the year and Jacob from Partner's Bank is siding with Minnesota.

For whatever reason, Las Vegas agrees with Jake and has The Vikes as a 5 point favorite as well.

If Green Bay wins this one? WOW! Sarah will light up the U Pick Em group text like a Christmas Tree.

Team Hugh Picks Houston

Hugh from Eliot Small Engine had the pick of the year last week when he predicted that Houston would have a HUGE road win against their division rival Tennessee.

I'd have disagreed with him, and our hopes of mediocrity would have been dashed for sure.

Sticking with the hot team, Hugh and I agree that Houston should continue this great run of December football at 'The Pirate Ship' in Tampa in rare Saturday matinee action.


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