The final week of the regular season is here! Wouldn't you think these games would be all that much easier to pick? WRONG!

Pauline Photo Credit
Pauline Photo Credit

Team Jacob Picks: Atlanta

An 11-5 record is nothing to sneeze at, in fact, last year's Patriots team had that very same regular season record before going on a meteoric run to ANOTHER championship.

With that being said, Team Jacob is in an absolute free fall.

Last week, while Sarah liked Green Bay, her teammate who shall remain nameless went against her wishes and picked Minnesota, and we all know how that Monday Night Game went.

Jake has learned his lesson and picked AGAINST Tampa Bay on Sunday because he knows Sarah HATES Tampa due to a parking violation she may or may have not committed in the late 90's.

Team Hugh Picks: Seattle

Happily, things are going in the opposite direction for Team Hugh (8-8).

Hugh and I are in agreement that Seattle is WAY overdue for a big victory at home.

Their re-acquisition of Marshawn Lynch should only bolster their chances of defeating division rival and fellow Super Bowl contender San Francisco.

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