Everyone you see in this picture has no idea what it feels like to pick a losing Pro Football Game in the 2020 season. Listen to our attempt to maintain perfection right here!

Shawn O Photo Credit
Shawn O Photo Credit

Team Hugh Picks: Green Bay

After YEARS of getting excruciatingly difficult picks, followed by equally excruciating luck, things have really turned around in the early going for Team Hugh.

Our Baltimore pick last week was one of the biggest beat downs of the opener and now? We get gifted the Green Bay home game VS the lowly Detroit Lions.


I think Matt Patricia's days as Head Coach in Motown are numbered and QB Aaron Rodgers will throw TD's at will this Sunday afternoon. Hugh heartily agrees with an equally hearty Wisconsin impression throw in for good measure.

Team Sara(h) Picks: Houston Texans

Anyone who is familiar with Sarah's picking strategy knows that, if given the chance, she will always side with The Houston Texans. This is based solely upon her affinity for the band, The Suffers, who hail from that city.

The Texans will face The Baltimore Ravens who are currently favored in this game by a touchdown.

Interestingly enough, Sara 'Sister Christian', feels that this game is a lot closer than the sharps in Vegas are making it out to be.

She thinks that The Texans could very well bounce back from their disappointing performance against KC in the NFL Kickoff Game and used Sarah's musical appreciation as the apparent tiebreaker.

Honestly, if they win this pick, I'll harbor feelings of both disgust and confusion.

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