Team Hugh was gloating about our one game lead over Team Sarah, and wouldn't you know it, Karma dealt us the team that has crushed us for the past 2 (losing) seasons.

Shawn O Photo Credit
Shawn O Photo Credit

Team Sarah Picks: The New England Patriots

Just one yard prevented The Patriots from beating Seattle last week, one of the best teams in the league.

Sara (Sister Christian) is amazed at how happy the New England fan base reaction has been to a loss and thinks that Cam Newton's new and improved mechanics will help ensure victory Sunday against Las Vegas in Gillette Stadium.

Sarah communicated clearly to Sister Christian that her non-scientific method of choosing teams should only be utilized in the most desperate of circumstances.

I fear this new strategy will not bode well for Team Hugh.

Team Hugh Picks: The Cleveland Browns

Last year was a near constant nightmare for Team Hugh. Week after week of having to select Baker Mayfield. First, because they were the vastly overrated toast of the league, then, because they were vastly overdue to win a game. Any game. It never happened.

This week Hugh and I were presented a very 2019 match up of Cleveland VS. the Washington Football Team.

Despite The Browns being a SEVEN point favorite, we both cannot shake the feeling of dread and are weary of yet another 'mistake by the lake'.

Will 'Riverboat Ron' roll the dice on some fluky last second play and bring about our first defeat of the young season?

Team Hugh can only hope for the best.

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