All the excitement of our U Pick Em segment with the added drama of the postseason. Hilarity, anger, guilt trips, crime and confusion! This action packed episode has it all!

Pauline Photo Credit
Pauline Photo Credit

Team Hugh Picks: New Orleans

Drew Brees and company will be hosting Minnesota at 1pm on Sunday and Hugh and I think that the loud and rowdy "Who Dat Nation" will watch The Saints 'March right in' to the Divisional Round.

The only thing that we have going against us is that Minnesota QB Kirk Cousins is WAY OVERDUE for a big victory on National TV.

This will not be a shoo-in.

Team Jacob Picks: Houston

Sarah loves the band 'The Suffers' who reside in Houston.

Therefore, she will always select any team from there based entirely upon the smooth groove that this horn infused rhythm and blues group produces.

Jacob thinks that the addition of All Time All Pro All Star linebacker JJ Watt will also help the Texans dispatch The Buffalo Bills Saturday with kickoff at 4:35pm.

It is this tried and true formula that has resulted in a 12-5 record for them both.

As for myself and Hugh, we can only look up to them from the ruins of our 8-9 campaign and hope that next year will be free of any kind of 'Suffer'ing.

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