If you listen to the happy tone of this week's U Pick 'Em segment, you'd never guess that this is the episode that finally crushed the dream of Team Train.

Tracey Photo Credit
Tracey Photo Credit

Team Sarah Picks: Cleveland

They've been the laughing stock of the league for decades, in fact, earlier this season, their first win in years earned every single resident of 'The Mistake By The Lake' a free beer for those of drinking age.

NOW. Their games actually mean something!

The Browns face off this Sunday against the even more laughable Cincinnati Bengals and Jacob thinks they'll continue to play winning football.

The fact that I'm writing about Cleveland being relevant in December is miraculous!

Also, Sarah thinks that The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame making important announcements is a big indicator of a successful pick (since it is also located in Cleveland) and who am I to dispute this strategy as Team Sarah's dominance has held true throughout over 85% of the NFL Season.

Team Train Picks: Philadelphia

Hugh likes the red hot Philly Eagles to beat Houston. Normally this sentence would make me sick, BUT, this win would help The Patriots climb back into a first round bye so I'm on board!

Next week, Jacob and I will call Hugh in an undisclosed location and try to figure out just how bad a beatdown Team Train has taken in this inaugural year of team U Pick 'Em Picks! Should be fun as always!

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