There are only THREE games remaining on the schedule and the drama going into Championship weekend cannot be overstated!

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You can tell by my intro that I'm hiding from the fact that the most crucial loss of this season is nobody's fault but my own.

As I tell my teammate Hugh, in my signature apologetic whiny style, I was sure that Baltimore was going to run all over Buffalo. Alas they only scored three points total. Hugh and I now have a one game deficit, trailing Team Sarah by one victory.

There is NO margin for error!

Team Sarah Picks: Tampa Bay

Can you believe this?

Sarah's unending loyalty to TB12 has generated so much positive karma for her picks this year.

The Random Number Generator has selected Mr. Brady for her at LEAST a half dozen times, and every pick has resulted in a victory.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Team Hugh Picks: Buffalo

If it was my choice, I'd go with Kansas City racking up their second consecutive Lamar Hunt Trophy.


I like Hugh's selection for a couple of reasons.

1. He is showing loyalty to The AFC East and Sarah thinks that this will bode well for us, cosmically speaking.


2. I haven't picked a game correctly since October, so what do I know?

I guess I better buy a six foot plastic table and belly flop on top of it jumping from the roof of my car, as that is a time honored tradition for anyone rooting for The Buffalo Bills.

Team Sarah -  11-8

Team Hugh -   10-9

The time to circle the wagons is NOW!

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