It's all tied up! Both Team Sara(h) and Team Hugh have 5-4 records going into the part of the season where every single game means so much! Here are two excellent match ups!


Team Sara(h) Picks: Tampa Bay

Unbelievable! It seems like The Sara(h)s get TB12 assigned to them by The 'Random' Number Generator every other week!

'Tompa Bay' will be facing off against Carolina on the road this Sunday.

There are a couple of elements that make this pick quite interesting and the foremost thought in everyone's mind is the absolute blowout that was delivered to The Bucs by New Orleans last Sunday Night.

Could it be 'The Curse Of Antonio Brown'? Sister Christian agrees while Sarah thinks she remembers that 'he got into trouble', and that bit of acquired football knowledge from Sully nearly put me on the floor!

Team Hugh Picks: Seattle

Similar to Tampa, Seattle got embarrassed in Buffalo as The Bills hung 44 points on them in a 10 point loss that felt more like a rout.

The 'Hawks will be headed to Los Angeles to take on The Rams in what should be an evenly matched game.

Hugh and I have had a team meeting and decided that whining doesn't equal winning.

In order for us to keep this momentum going (a spirited one game victory streak) we need to focus all of our energy on the game at hand and not worry that we were once again doomed by 'The Random Number Generator'.

Hopefully that strategy is successful!

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