I leave for two weeks and both teams pick THE WORST PICKS in the history of organized football? Hopefully my return will bring about tidings of comfort and joy.

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Fourteen games in and we are all tied up! Never in the illustrious history of U Pick Em has a season ever been this dramatic and suspenseful!

Team Hugh Picks: The Cleveland Browns

Yes, even after delivering Team Sarah a terrible loss last Monday, Team Hugh decided that The Mistake By The Lake has a good chance of beating The New York Football Giants on Sunday Night Football.

I'd like to take this moment to apologize to Hugh for throwing him under the bus on this week's episode. When he informed me that we picked Houston last week, I agreed wholeheartedly.

I too figured Mitch Trubisky and the Bears didn't have chance against the suddenly resurgent Texans. ALAS, Houston was crushed 36-7 and then I shifted all the blame on Hugh.

Teamwork and trust is essential for a successful program and hopefully if act like more of a teammate, we will finally win the prestigious U Pick Em trophy.

Team Sarah Picks: The Pittsburgh Steelers

Talk about a shoo-in! The Steelers are a 12 point favorite over The Cincy Bengals according to Las Vegas.

Sister Susan knew that the Bengals didn't have much of a chance and Sister Sarah, the CEO of Team Sarah, unfortunately agreed.


Once again, Team Hugh and Team Sarah are tied with identical 7-7 records and THREE WEEKS until the post season!

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