Looking to bounce back from a very rare DOUBLE loss week for both teams, Team Hugh receives THE EASIEST PICK and Team Sara(h)'s have a tough one TONIGHT!


Team Hugh Picks Buffalo

After weeks of picks that were as unpredictable as a coin flip, Hugh and I FINALLY get rewarded with an easy one. Despite losing their last two games, Buffalo is a really good team and is facing the worst team, The New York Jets.

The Jets aren't just the worst team in football, they're probably the worst team in all organized sports. Even unorganized sports.

If Hugh and I lose this one, we will proudly refer to ourselves as 'The Ultimate Losers' kind of like an 80's WWF tag team wrestling tandem, but with the worst name imaginable.

After jinxing the 9 point favorite Patriots last week, it's the least we can do.

Team Sara(h)s Picks Philadelphia

Ah the majesty of Thursday Night Football! Ah the hideousness of The NFC East!

It is all on display TONIGHT as Sarah and Sister Christian have chosen Carson Wentz and the struggling Eagles of Philly.

This is where Sarah's superpower has a chance to shine. Whenever a game is really tough to pick and could go either way, Sarah starts drawing psychic vibes from her friends, past life experiences, visions and at the end of her trance she somehow picks a winner.

Sister Christian, and anybody else trying to figure out an NFC East matchup, is relying on Sarah's supernatural connection to her friend Anita who is an Eagles SUPERFAN.

Hugh and I have seen this voodoo work on many occasions and can only watch tonight and root for 'Danny Dimes' and The G Men.

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