Two great match ups were selected by the all powerful Random Number Generator today and our collective pigskin prediction prowess was really put to the test!

Shawn O Photo Credit
Shawn O Photo Credit

For the first time in the exhalted history of Team Hugh, we went UNDEFEATED in September. Team Sara(h) remains right on our heels though and received what I consider to be the easier game to predict this week.

Team Sara(h) Picks Tampa Bay

With her confidence still shattered from picking Houston a couple weeks ago, Sarah wonders aloud if picking Tom Brady is the best way to go.

Even though Sara (Sister Christian) has abandoned her fandom of TB12, she has no problem selecting him to beat The LA Chargers at The Pirate Ship on Sunday.

Fun Fact: Las Vegas agrees with her as they have set Tampa Bay as over a touchdown favorite.

Team Hugh Picks Chicago

After a relatively pleasant stretch of luck with The Random Number Generator, the fickle computer program really bit us this week with a game that could go either way.

After much deliberation and a whole lotta faith in Da Bears new QB Nick Foles, Hugh channeled his best Bill Swerski impression and selected Chicago to beat Indianapolis this weekend.

Not So Fun Fact: Chicago is a two point underdog in this game. We haven't selected an underdog yet this year and I have a bad feelng about this.

Hopefully, Indy QB Philip Rivers will throw one of his patented late game interceptions and all will be right with the world!

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