After a brutal 'Double Loss' week, Team Hugh and Team Sara(h) look to bounce back with picks on two of the best matchups that Week 9 has to offer!


Team Hugh Picks: Baltimore

Although The Ravens are one of the elite teams of 2020, this game is by no means a shoo-in as they will be facing off against The Indianapolis Colts in Indy.

I think that QB Lamar Jackson will run rough shod over the Colts. Allow me a moment to bask in the glory of that play on words.

The expression 'run rough shod' is derivative of the equestrian world, and means that the horse is equipped with the best horse shoes and will have excellent footing because of it.

How delicious the irony that I used that terminology AGAINST the Colts.

Anyway, Hugh and I agree that Baltimore is the better team, and MAN, do we need a win.

Team Sara(h) Picks: Chicago

It took 9 implementations of The Random Number Generator to FINALLY get a game with Sister Christian's favorite NFL squad, DA Bears.

Team Sara(h) was very quick to choose Chicago, not only because of the rooting interest, but also because their opponent Tennessee played so poorly last week and cost them a game VS. The Bengals no less.

I rarely talk smack during one of these write-ups, but I feel that I must mention that I really like Team Hugh's chances to pick up a game this week and tie the overall score.

Team Sara(h) has a record of 5-3, Team Hugh is currently 4-4.

I can't believe that we've hung in there so far!

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