It's an unprecedented SIX GAME schedule this weekend and for the first time in U Pick Em history, both teams are going in ALL TIED UP!

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Team Sarah Picks: Tampa Bay

This has been quite a phenomenon this year. Seemingly, every single time Sarah hits the Random Number Generator first, the game ALWAYS ends up being TB12 and The Bucs AND Team Sarah wins that game every single time!

I don't think things are going to change in the near future. Our Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. has drawn the weakest opponent in the entire NFC, The Washington Football Team.

As I write this post, The Creamsicle Warriors are favored by NINE points, which for a road team is downright embarrassing for the host. But what we should expect from the pathetic NFC East representative?

Team Hugh Picks: New Orleans

Hugh and I were trembling at the thought of having to pick Game 5 which is by far the most difficult.

WOW! Did we luck out!

The Random Number Generator was kind to us and gave us The Saints match up with The Bears.

Drew Brees and Taysom Hill vs Mitch Trubisky? In the Super Dome?

Far be it from me to laugh at an opponent, so I will let the numbers speak for themselves.

The Saints are actually favored by a higher number than Tampa is!

The only thing that makes me a but anxious is that for some reason, New Orleans seems to be recently cursed in the post season by HORRIBLE calls and non-calls when playing at home.

Hopefully that streak is over and Team Hugh will be victorious!

Team Sarah and Team Hugh currently have identical 9-8 records.

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