This season has been one of the wildest rides in the history of U Pick Em as Team Hugh has once again tied it all up! HOWEVER, things look really good for Team Sarah this week.

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Train Images

Team Sarah Picks: Las Vegas

That random number generator has been decidedly non-random when it comes to selecting games for Team Sarah this year.

It either chooses Tom Brady and The Bucs or, THE EASIEST GAME ON THE SCHEDULE.

Sarah and Sister Susan know that the Vegas Raiders will stomp upon the lowly Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, it's like picking a Toro snowblower to defeat a sad little pile of slush.

The Raiders are only favored to win by a field goal though so there is a chance that this might get interesting.

Team Hugh Picks: New England (!)

I just gave an extra shout out to one of Hugh's favorite small engines because I really needed him to take the reigns on this Patriots game.

It freaks me out to have any kind of responsibility in potentially jinxing the Pats now that they MUST win every remaining game to have any hope for a postseason bid.

Kyler Murray and The Arizona Cardinals will be headed to Foxboro this Sunday and this will NOT be easy for New England. The Cards are coming off a Thursday Night defeat VS. Seattle and will need to bounce back.

The fact that they have an extra three days of rest worries me as well.

But, whenever the Patriots are underdogs at home, they always seem to emerge victorious and hopefully the same will be said for Team Hugh!

Team Sarah and Team Hugh are currently tied with 6-5 records.

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