Look at this thing! You'd never know it but my Nana's cherry tree in Gonic NH normally looks like something out of The Addams Family's orchard. Not this year!

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2019 is certainly looking like a banner year for local cherry trees. This small tree in my Nana's front yard has so many interesting attributes that I thought I would share.

If you'll notice there is no protective netting, that is because the fruit is so tart that the birds and bugs won't touch it. However, I think they are delicious. Chances are you'll see me there standing in the front yard chowing on these for minutes at a time.

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This tree is undead. It'll look like a bunch of dead sticks for two or three years and then, all of a sudden, it decides to become alive again. When it springs back to life in odd years like this, I take the opportunity to prune what appears to be truly dead.

I can't help but think that this may be the key to eternal life, pigging out on zombie cherries that no creature in their right mind wants to touch.

I'll be sure to take pictures next year when it will 'die' once again.