UNH Durham is returning to in person classes on Wednesday, February 24, according to a press release from the university.

The school states that a decline in positive COVID-19 cases contributed to the decision.

All other "orange operations restrictions" will stay in place until further notice, the website says.

Orange operations are as follows, according to the University of New Hampshire's website:

  • Research will continue as approved.
  • Cooperative Extension and engagement programs continue as approved.
  • Dimond Library remains open.
  • Hamel Rec and MUB remain open, but density and distancing is closely monitored.
  • Student-facing offices are open and operational, but staff personnel on campus is limited to what is needed keep those offices open and operational.
  • Buses will run on schedule.
  • Dining Halls are open.

If UNH continues to see a decrease in COVID-19 spread, they will further reduce restrictions to YELLOW.

Yellow operations are as follows, per the university website:

  • Full operations on campus with student focus
  • Masks required in public areas, classrooms and labs
  • Research enterprise operating at 90% capacity on site
  • Selective external events
  • Campus housing open with reduced density, quarantine dorms
  • Dining normal at reduced density (50%) plus take-out
  • Student events (following COVID-19 protocols), small groups and residential communities
  • Instruction face-to-face with lower density (50% or less)
  • Teaching labs/art studios operate with full PPE

Good news if you have a college student in your house who has been taking classes online and really needs to shower and get out of the house!  Not that I'm talking about MY college student, mind you.  My college student showers sometimes.  I just think it's better mentally for those students to actually get out and do something with other people rather than stay in their room all day and all night.  That's not healthy, in my opinion, for your mental health.

Get going and get that degree, People!


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