The UNH Spring Football season is just two weeks away! I was excited enough for the unprecedented oncoming season BEFORE they were projected as a postseason contender today!

New Hampshire v Florida International
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After the entire Wildcat football season was scrubbed last year, I was so stoked about the prospect of a spring football season, followed by a regular season this fall? That I didn't even care about the competitive aspect of a six game schedule. I was just grateful that they would be playing at all.

Additionally, The FCS cut the 'At Large' bids in half due to the abbreviated season and I put any championship hopes on the back burner and figured I'd just count down the days to March 5th.


Oh, it is on!

The projection write up on UNH for their 'At Large' bid does leave a lot to be desired as it briefly mentions the remarkable 14 straight post season appearances that they made from '03-'17. And that's pretty much it.

But what is it that this sentence implies? Could they be insinuating that the man responsible for such an incredible run is now back at the helm? Coach Sean McDonnell is BACK!

And if I needed another reason to run down the hallway and try to tackle a filing cabinet at full speed? The projection article also states that the pivotal game on their spring schedule is Opening Night VS. Albany. Right here in Durham!

Pardon me as I crank 'Welcome To The Jungle' and tackle another file cabinet!

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