UNH is going to hold classes with students on campus this fall.

According to a letter from the President of the University, they will be taking many steps to keep everyone safe such as, if anyone is showing symptoms and it turns out that they are COVID-19 positive, they will be put in a space for that purpose.  UNH will have ample masks and sanitizer, so you can clean your hands everywhere around campus.  They have also given students an option to take classes on campus or to take the class online.

Even though things are not going to look the same this year on campus, I am very happy that they have made the decision to go back.  The students need the interaction of their peers in real life and to have the in-person guidance from their professors.

UNH is my family's second home.  Not only does my husband teach music there (and Berklee College of Music in Boston) but my step-son goes to the Engineering school.  Wes, my step-son, did not have a great time after the classes went online.  He was in his room the entire day/night either studying or sleeping and after a while, it really began to get to him, so I'm sure he'll be going back to campus.  My husband, David, as well, has been going stir-crazy just staying at home and can't wait to go back.

We are still waiting to hear if Berklee is going back in the fall, but if we have a vote, as a family, we would vote to go back on campus.  Understandably, however, Boston has the worst COVID-19 positive cases in this area, so I'm sure it's a tricky decision.

Here's a great video of students talking about the UNH campus and how fantastic it is!

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:


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