Kirsten decided to shake her big ol' unicorn booty. She was put up on Tik Tok and is now a hit.

Seeing a happy rainbow unicorn on a rainy coronavirus day just makes you smile. We are all trying to hard to stay safe from an invisible virus that could kill you. Stores are closed, people have lost jobs, everything is cancelled. Just going grocery shopping feels like a video game where the goal is to avoid humans and leave with toilet paper. But when Kirsten Milliken went to the Hannford on Forest Avenue in Portland as a rainbow unicorn...well, we all forgot that for a split second.

Maybe when we get back to some sort of normalcy, whatever that is, I hope the unicorn still makes an appearance. I hope that what we take away from this madness is that we need more unicorns, virus or no virus. More unicorns makes everything better.

Angela, who made the TikTok, says it all when she screams to the unicorn, 'I love you!'

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