The same tree was hit twice within a week by snowmobilers, but still stands tall.

Snow-covered trees and mountains, winter
David De Lossy

The same tree on a snowmobile trail in Pittsburgh, New Hampshire, was hit twice within a few days.

Last Saturday, the tree fell victim to an accident but withstood the blow. Then on Wednesday, a rider failed to make a downhill turn, went off the trail and struck the same tree.

The snowmobile was badly damaged, and the driver suffered a serious arm injury.

The tree is still standing with nary a scratch on it's trunk. The same can't be said for the two sleds that hit it.

NH Fish and Game officials are still investigating the Wednesday crash and could summons the driver for speeding.

Good time to warn drivers to be careful and and obey the speed laws on the trails.

Also a good time for a reminder that more often than not, in a battle between a tree and a almost anything, the tree most likely will win.

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