Through a series of trades and an absolute shot in the dark miracle, the coin-op mini football helmet quest is nearing the end.

Clint Lapierre Photo Credit

You are looking at a Chicago Bears helmet that my nephews bought at The Rochester Wal-Mart on Route 11 on Monday Night. It was their first try of the three buy session. (Beating 1 out of 16 odds!)

Jeremy Connelly Photo Credit

The Pittsburgh Steelers helmet above is a screen shot from a vertical cell phone photo that my cousin Jeremy put on the family trading block a couple days ago. Negotiations are still ongoing but I think it's safe to say that 'The Black and Gold' will soon be in our possession.

This leaves us with just The Minnesota Vikings and The Atlanta Falcons to go!

Also, the mysterious and anonymous co-worker is still buying these helmets and leaving them on my desk at an alarming rate, but he/she has only managed to acquire duplicates. This can be a brutal and fickle obsession that cannot be entered lightly. But I thank them for their efforts thus far.

If anyone has The Vikes or Falcons, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. We are SOOOOOO CLOSE!