Yes indeed football fans! After weeks of enduring the taunts of my co-host, it has finally happened. Sarah and I are tied for third on the U Pick Em Leaderboard.

Leader Board 11 11

There is a lot that happened beneath the surface and it needs to be explained.

First of all, Sarah FORGOT TO PICK.

Well, she realized that she forgot to pick around 3pm yesterday afternoon. She still managed to salvage 2 wins out of the late games.

Also, my 'I pick who I want to lose' strategy really hit pay dirt yesterday. A great deal of the teams that I can't stand (Pittsburgh for example) won their games.

Going 7-5 wouldn't normally be that great a week, but when 8-4 is the best record overall, 7-5 is an excellent score.

Congratulations to Hurricane who not only went 7-5 also, but became the first player of the 2019 UPE Season to reach 100 plus wins.

I know for a fact that Sarah took the 49ers tonight while I selected Seattle. I'm enjoying being tied with her as much as I can because this dream could end very quickly.

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