Beloved Red Sox legend, David Ortiz, is mad at Astros pitcher, Mike Fiers, for calling out the sign-stealing scandal and says he looks like a "snitch," according to CBS Sports.


In this YouTube video, Papi says:

"I'm mad at this guy.... the pitcher that came out..... After you make your money and you get your ring, you decide to talk about it? Why didn't you talk about it during the season when it was going on? Why didn't you say 'I don't want no part of this.' Now, you look like a snitch.


The report from CBS also says that the Red Sox are currently under investigation for stealing signs during their 2018 World Series championship season. A ruling is expected next week.

Not everyone agrees with Papi.  When The Shark Morning Show with Sarah & A-Train talked to Tom Caron, as they do every week, he disagreed with our beloved Ortiz.  He said without Mike Fiers, this thing never would have seen the light of day.

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