Summer of the Shark continues in our area.  The latest dramatic encounter was with a boat off the coast of Provincetown.

This time, according to, the Great White Shark was estimated to be about 16 or 17 feet long. Keep in mind, resident brother and sister Serena and Sean Colbert were in a boat that was only about 20 feet long with their cousin Mallory Fey when they spotted the shark.

And of course, they caught the whole encounter on video!

According to, Sean Colbert was just about to take a dip off the boat to swim when he spotted the fin.

After the encounter they had, I don’t think Sean will be swimming off the boat anytime soon.

There were numerous sightings and beach closings in the area Sunday, Monday and today off the coast of Cape Cod.  There were more shark sightings in July this year than all of last year.

No doubt they are coming here for a good meal and enjoying our fine waters, but it has certainly led to an uneasy feeling for most beachgoers.

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