OK, so two squirrels may not qualify as an official 'Infestation' but squirrels have never attacked our corn field before, this year they're relentless!

The 2018 NH squirrel overpopulation problem is a real thing for anyone trying to grow corn.

I wasn't 'stalking' the corn rows for hours trying to catch these varmints in the act. I just thought, if I keep my camera running, I'll catch one or two of them red-handed, and, sure enough, I did.

The look that the first squirrel gives me would be hilarious if it wan't so frustrating, all the delicious Butter & Sugar corn DEVOURED by these once beloved creatures.

For years and years it seemed, squirrels would only eat acorns or hickory nuts. Now, they seem bent on inhaling every last piece of corn they can get their evil little paws on.

Hopefully, next year's population is back to normal and they'll return to eating regular squirrel chow and not the best crops that the garden has to offer.

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