A lack of practice time? Newton's indecisiveness? A depleted offensive line? Bob Socci thinks that while these factors are partially to blame, there's another problem that has hurt this team, even before this season began.

I also think that, frankly, it's the inability of guys to get open and I think it's a problem that this team has had really for the better part of two and a half years.


Even in 2018, there was a season long theme of 'lack of weapons' that turned them into more of a run dominant team and that's how they really turned their season around late to go from a playoff team to a Superbowl championship team.


Last year they were plagued by the same issues all season long.


They really don't have a viable tight end and at wide receiver, Julian Edelman certainly doesn't look like he's at full speed or full strength.


- Bob Socci, on The Pats' Offensive Struggles

Even though this is the latest in the year that New England has ever had a losing record since 2002, I'm far from ready to call this season a lost cause.

They still have to play the Jets twice, the Bills twice and they currently hold the tiebreaker advantage with the Miami Dolphins.

The Bills schedule is BRUTAL and if The Pats can beat San Francisco next week, things will look much better than they do right now.

Also, there's another Wild Card spot this year.

And any Belichick coached team in January is a completely different team than what it was in September and October.

Things have looked much worse than this in the past, DON'T GIVE UP!

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