The Barrington, NH landmark store is celebrating a huge milestone this Summer and the place is so old, well, I need to do some math to figure it out.

150 Years Ago = 1869 (A.D.)

The problem that I have with any math problem is, the math itself.

Remembering the great advertising line from current employee and New Hampshire icon Joel Sherburne when he would say "Travel back in time to the 60's, the 1860's that is" *

After double checking the numbers with my calculator, everything works out just fine.

I can only go so long without having a brick of 'Rat Trap' cheddar cheese and if I didn't find a half pound bag of Calef's  'Boston Baked Beans' candy in my stocking every Christmas, I would probably weep until the New Year.

There are so many terrific aspects and products of this store, that I'm sure it'll easily reach another 150 years.

* I may have misquoted this line, I'll have to ask Joel

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