Your childhood dream of living in a firehouse can now be a reality.

Built in 1930, the former firehouse in Concord, New Hampshire, is now for sale. And best of all: the second floor boasts a full-size basketball court.

And…wait, hold on. The listing seems real but…isn’t this from an Adam Sandler movie? It really sounds like something from an Adam Sandler movie.

Anyway, it’s perfect if you’re looking to run a business from the ground floor, and perhaps use the top as a living space. And…wait, yeah! “Mr. Deeds.” Remember? He had the pizza place downstairs and lived upstairs?

No? This is real? Well, it has four bedrooms and one bathroom (so, you may need a plumber’s license, or some patience). And the basketball court is easily convertible, so you can have basketball hoops in your living room or bedroom!

Wait! This is definitely a place from an Adam Sandler movie. Big Daddy. Remember? He has the basketball hoops and arcade games and stuff all over the place!

But I guess it’s real? Apparently it’s just minutes from downtown Concord, directly off the highway, and across from parks and trails. It has broad allowable usage since it’s in a friendly commercial neighborhood.

The total living area is listed at 3,570 square feet, with the lot listed at 5,663 square feet. There’s plenty of heat in this firehouse. And…

“I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry!” The one he did with Kevin James! I knew it.

No? This is a real place you can buy in New Hampshire? Well, let’s check it out…

Tour a Former NH Firehouse That's For Sale with a Full Indoor Basketball Court

Listed by RE/MAX Realty.

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