This past Friday, I had the day off.  My husband had to work and I really didn't want to do ANOTHER house project, so I thought I would take a drive up the coast to York Beach.

It was a very foggy morning and I couldn't see the sand, never mind the water, but it's always a good day when you're at the beach.  Some of the shops were open, so I decided to stay for a while and do some shopping, which I have been missing in my life.  Park the car, mask on, out I go.

What I didn't do, was feed the parking meter.  Oh......  Shoot.... I came back to the car after walking around for about 2 hours, the fog had NOT lifted yet at all, so I decided to go home.  I saw a ticket on my car and when I saw how much it was, I couldn't believe it!  $35.00!  What?!  There were no cars at the beach - okay maybe a few, but it wasn't packed... AND, I missed the parking person by about 10 minutes.


No excuse.  It was my fault and I will pay the ticket.  But I wanted to warn you, if you want to go to the beach, make sure you pay for parking.  There are kiosks everywhere to just put in the money, or the credit card and pay for parking.  Don't wrongly assume because the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, that you are exempt from paying for parking.  Life doesn't work that way.

I'm only mad at myself and the hefty fine will ensure that I will never do that again.

We got a message on Facebook from Dennis Lowes

Sarah, parking at Hampton beach yesterday was anywhere from $40 - $50 for the day!!! and the lots were packed!!!😳

Thank you, Dennis!  I do feel better now!

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