Our Red Sox Insider Tom Caron makes the argument about Mookie Betts' grand slam on today's interview. Listen in on how remarkable he thought that at bat was AND so much more!

I have to be honest, I was zonked out at 7pm last night and only knew about this epic thirteen pitch battle because Sarah texted me all the details after it happened. I read her texts when I woke up at 4AM. Although I think I do a decent job pretending that I saw it live as it happened, right?

Other highlights of this Insider Report include Mr. Caron's endorsement of my 59 home run prediction for JD Martinez.

While he would not commit to a number HIGHER than 59 (The Red Sox single season record is David Ortiz' 54 that he hit in 2006), he thinks my over/under is 'right in the ballpark'.

Tom is very close to enjoying his well earned All Star Break Summer Vacation (4 days haha) and will be right here with another Service Credit Union Insider report next Friday July 20th. Only on The New Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train.

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