It wasn't this New Hampshire turkey's brightest hour. Either that or he was determined to work off all the food that he ate on Easter.

Earlier this week, a man named Jason Alexander posted this funny video to the u local New Hampshire Facebook group, showing a turkey endlessly circling his car in Goffstown. Jason also shared the footage to his personal account, describing the bird as "working off his Easter dinner, all around my car."

The turkey just goes around again...and again...and again. Who knows how long he continues after the video ends? The calming music juxtaposed with the bird's frantic pacing makes it all the more comical.

We can all agree that turkeys are not the sharpest tools in the shed (cue All Star by Smash Mouth). But what's actually going on here?

According to Jason's remarks on his post, he thinks that the turkey saw its reflection on the car, mistook it for another turkey, and was trying to beat the "competition."  Other comments on the u local New Hampshire group echo that same belief. Jason's also lucky that his vehicle didn't suffer some damage, based on these other people's experiences:

" neighbors son had a black bmw sedan and I heard a ruckus outside. The tom was attacking his reflection and scratching the heck out of the bimmer. I had to chase him off a couple of times." - Joe Spuria


"A Tom did this with our glass window at work and eventually pecked so hard the glass broke." - Joel Sadler


"I saw one looking in neighbors sliding glass hour and a half I happen to look out the window again and he was still there looking in the siding glass door and pecking on the glass...when it got dark out he couldn’t see himself anymore and left." - Donna Gus

His competition may be a lifeless steel object, but this bird still gets an A+ for effort.

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