Dexter the Dog, who learned to walk like a human on his own after major injuries, has gained worldwide fame. He doesn't need his New Hampshire-made wheel chair anymore, nor two of his legs.

Meet Dexter, who surprised his owner one day, and brought so much joy and hope to the rest of us.  As a matter of fact, Dexter receives hundreds of pieces of fan mail monthly.

He loves to proudly walk around like a human and make people smile.  I mean, look how absolutely adorable he is.  I just can't get enough.  I now follow him on Instagram.

And clearly, he loves to travel, so I hope he'll make it to New England at some point.  Here's the lovable Colorado dog joyfully walking around New York City without his wheelchair, made by an incredible New Hampshire company known as Walkin' Pets.

So, here's the story behind this sweet Brittany Spaniel. His owner, Kentee Pasek, told CBS News that as a puppy, Dexter got out of his backyard, ran into traffic, and was hit by a car. He lost one leg and badly damaged the other one, thus becoming a wheelchair dog who used adaptive equipment from Walkin' Pets to get around. Kentee says that one afternoon, she was on her porch while Dexter sat down at the foot of it, without his wheelchair. Kentee went back inside to grab her cup of coffee, and when she returned, Dexter was at the top of the porch.

She told CBS News that she was completely confused, so she picked up Dexter and put him at the bottom of the stairs to see what he would do. Sure enough, he walked up the stairs like a human, and has never needed the adaptive equipment again.

Here's the CBS News story, which is both hilarious and moving.

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