Just as New Hampshire settles down from another UFO craze…heeeeere’s Bigfoot!

At least, according to a woman in Bartlett who claims to have captured the reclusive star of Harry and the Hendersons on camera and sent the clip a friend, who then sent it to Rocky Mountain Sasquatch (brief aside: Rocky Mountain Sasquatch – good name for a Ben & Jerry’s flavor, no?).

Writing into the YouTube channel, someone named Justin says:

"I have a video of what I believe to be a Bigfoot. The video is not mine, but belongs to a friend of mine who caught the creature while taking her dog out for a walk in the woods behind her house in the Bartlett area. She said while walking her dog…he started to act very out of character…”

According to “Justin,” the dog then refused to go any further. Then the friend started to smell something that resembled a dead and decaying body. And then, Justin’s friend captured this:


I don’t know about you, but I think it is amazing that a dead and decaying body came back to life, put on a gorilla suit, and walked through the woods like a dad going to get the mail (or maybe he's going to one of those brand-new Ames stores!).

But you won’t believe this: avid followers of this Bigfoot YouTube channel believe it was a Bigfoot. Said one:

“For what it’s worth, I live locally and have had several encounters in that area. They are probably migrating through, or, the resident ones who live in this area (Sping/Summer/Fall)”

Good point. Lots of Bigfeet probably go to Arizona or Florida for the winter months. Another follower adds:

“It looks like a hipster rebel without a cause sasquatch with the cool stride in his walk unusually long beard and thin.”

Just what we need. Vaping sasquatches.

I’m a no on this one. But it's hard to deny one New Hampshire town’s strangely credible account of a similar creature two decades ago. (Or that New Hampshire seems to be a really popular place to hide out when you're on the run.)

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