It's a Patriots' Day tradition unlike any other. Even If you don't like baseball, you have to watch this infamous pizza throw that happened at Fenway Park on this Holiday, 14 years ago.

The thing that made this so hilarious to me, was that I saw the incident happen in real time on NESN.

For whatever reason, I was looking right at the guy as he reared back and unleashed a very accurate throw of what had to be a pretty expensive slice of pizza.

I couldn't believe that neither Sox broadcasters, Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy, had seen the flying slice at first glance. But their reaction when they saw it on replay still gets me teary eyed within seconds.

The back story to this 'fiery exchange' is quite hilarious as well. As you can tell by the footage, it was a raw, cold and rainy day in Boston and the game had been delayed due to weather for quite some time.

Both the thrower and the throwee had consumed a little too much beer during the down time and were bickering back and forth throughout most of the game.

The throwee kept making fun of how much pizza the thrower had purchased and repeatedly asked him if he could have a slice.

When his back was turned due to that foul ball, he finally got what he was asking for.

And the rest, is comedy gold.

Every element of this makes me so happy. Orsillo and Remy, Fenway Park, pizza, day drinking and absolute foolishness. AND The Red Sox won, not only the game, but The World Series later that year.

That's why, on every Patriots' Day, I have to watch this video at least ten times.

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