You wait, this is going to be a Hallmark Movie if I have anything to say about it!

I may have watched this video about 12 times... today.  This is, by far, the best thing that I've seen on the internet in weeks.

Alexis (the pregnant Mom you see in the video) and I used to work together at another radio station group in the Concord, NH, area for a couple years from about 2004 - 2006.   At first viewing, you might just see her and three girls waiting for their Dad to cut the cake.  He is excited to see that he finally gets a boy.  What you DON'T see is the real story of this family.

Brielle, the girl on the left in the video is Alexis' niece who she has the honor of raising as her own.  Alexis' sister had addiction problems and has since passed away.

It was hard for Alexis to date when she was "Aunty Mommy," but she knew she had to choose well for the sweet girl Brielle.  All Brielle ever asked for was a Dad and a sister.  She asked Alexis every day - as if, "I could run to Target and pick them up for her."
Oh.... Also, Alexis, during this time, was also fighting thyroid cancer.
Alexis had reconnected with Mike after they had known each other in high school.  He had two girls of his own, Mia and Payton, approximately the same age as Brielle.  They started dating and became an instant family.  After about two years of dating, Mike asked Alexis to marry him on Brielle's 7th birthday.  She was so excited to finally get a Dad for her birthday.
Mike and Alexis went to town hall and officially married so we could rush the adoption and make Brielle an official Ellis.
When they had their BIG wedding last fall, the girls were a big part of that.  They even wrote the FAMILY's vows.
Mike and Alexis always wanted another baby and started to try as soon as they could.  They had to wait 6 months after Alexis' radiation to start trying.  Waiting even that long was agonizing for the new couple.
Alexis was declared cancer free in July of 2016 and she only has a 3% chance of recurrence.  They started to try to have a baby in December of 2016 and after years of trying, years of seeing specialist after specialist, they were told that they could not get pregnant.  They kept trying.  4 miscarriages, 3 years of trying, 2 years of specialists and 1 year of acceptance that they would not have a child together, Alexis found out that she was pregnant.  This will be Alexis' FIRST biological baby.  (I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING!)
Fast forward to the video you see above.
Mike is an amazing father, says Alexis, and loves his girls with all that he is, but he's outnumbered by all that estrogen and has always wanted a son.  Alexis says,
When we asked the girls what they wanted, all three wanted a brother without question. I was rooting for a boy just because they all wanted one...... In the video, from left to right there is Brielle, Payton, Mia, myself and then Mike.  This year has been an emotional rollercoaster for us. We lost 5 people in 5 months, 3 of them members of our immediate family. Most notably for Brielle, her biological mother (my sister) lost her battle with addiction this summer. She is learning to make peace with that. In this video, there were happy tears. She has gotten her forever family, a new baby brother and a delicious slice of cake.
One of the girls, Payton, said that she always wanted a brother so she can teach him how to do bike tricks.

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