You have to check out this footage of breathtaking humpback whales that were spotted just off the coast of Seabrook NH. Did you know they were originally named New Englanders?

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Infinite thanks to Susan Gentile-D'Amore for not only capturing the stunning footage below, but for sharing it with WMUR-TV's U LOCAL feature.

Believe it or not, Humpback Whales like these were once so plentiful around our ocean waters that they were officially and originally named, by the French Zoologist Mathurin Brisson, as 'Baleine De La Nouvelle Angleterre', or, New England Whales back in the 1750.

New Englanders for short.

Although there's nothing short about them as the males can grow to about 46 feet and the females are generally even longer, growing to a bigger size, sometimes as much as 52 feet.

Just 200 years later, they were nearly on the brink of extinction.

I can clearly remember the conservation efforts to save the Humpback Whale from my grade school days.

It's wonderful to see this pair, just out and about, living the good life, barely remaining socially distant from a nearby fishing boat.

It makes me jealous of those who saw them. In my 47 years of living on the Seacoast, I'm sad to say that I've never had a decent whale sighting. I've been skunked on two separate whale watches!

The closest thing I've ever had to a sighting was barely catching a view of a small Minke whale's dorsal fin as it playfully followed alongside the M/V Thomas Laighton one night.

I guess I need to head out to Seabrook this weekend!

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