Reporting from says that the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy states that August through October is peak season for visits to our area from the ocean’s top predator.  Shark sightings have reached a record number this year.  The Atlantic White Conservancy’s app, Shartivity that I have mentioned in previous blogs, can show you where all the sightings of Great Whites are happening.


While conservation efforts have brought back the seal population, it has also brought heavier Great White Shark traffic to our area.  Great White Sharks like seals like we like lobster rolls.  From the aerial photos I have seen of the Great White Shark spotting’s in the water, they are too close for me to go in the ocean.

Even the Atlantic White Conservancy is saying not to swim more than waist-deep water, even if there are no sightings being reported and that goes to anyone going into the ocean.

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