The Dreamland Wax Museum has been taking some ribbing because their statue of TB12 doesn't really resemble him.

Dreamland Facebook page
Dreamland Facebook page

The Dreamland Wax Museum feature has drawn criticism from many people who say it looks “creepy”

A Facebook post from the museum on Wednesday acknowledges the figure isn’t perfect because it’s based on a photo instead of Brady’s actual measurements.

"Each and every wax figure is a work of art. There are only a handful of people in the world that can do this artistry. Each head takes up to six months to create. Each strand of hair placed one follicle at a time. That's why hair alone takes around 50 days to get right.

That doesn't mean they all come out perfect.

The only way to create a perfect rendition is for the artist to sit with the person and take over 200 measurements. That's the only way the figure will be exact.

Recently, we've been getting a lot of attention on our TB12 figure. Not too bad considering all we had to work with was a picture."

Brady has been invited by the museum sit for measurements as the museum's goal is to get it perfect.

So far, the museum hasn't received any response. Museum officials say they haven’t received a response yet.

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