I don't know if this is because gambling is now allowed in so many more states like NH, but WEIRD Big Game prop bets are so plentiful, it's tough to keep track of them all.

Ethan Miller Getty Images
Ethan Miller Getty Images

I have to write all these down so that Sarah and I can figure out which member of The Shark Morning Show will be the Weirdo Big Game Prop Bets Champion of 2021!

Gatorade Shower Color Of Liquid

Sarah has Clear/Water

A-Train has Red

First Coach To Show Nostrils

Sarah has Andy Reid

A-Train has Bruce Arians

How many times will Bill Belichick's name be mentioned on the broadcast?

Sarah says THREE times

A-Train says TWO times

How many times will 'The New England Patriots' be mentioned on the broadcast?

Sarah says FIVE times

A-Train says THREE times

Will a kicker hit the upright (or the crossbar) with any extra point or field goal attempt?

Sarah says YES

A-Train says NO

This is commonly known as a 'DOINK' though the verbiage of this prop bet is much more forgiving. All the ball has to do is just graze the side of the goalpost as it goes through and the choice of YES will be good.

I went with the odds that claim this only has a 20% chance of happening.

Is it just me? Or does it seem like that 20% is a very low number?

Were there about a half dozen doinks this NFL postseason? I think Justin Tucker for the Ravens had about three doinks in the Buffalo game alone!

It'll be fun to see who wins this Prop Bet Potpourri regardless!

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