The biggest question going into Opening Day at Fenway has to do with pitcher Matt Barnes and his unique COVID-19 positivity. This weird diagnosis is actually good news for The Boston Red Sox.

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Non-Infectious Positivity?

Due to my intense hypochondria, I have been a voracious consumer of all things COVID-19 since last February, but I can't remember ever hearing about this condition.

Barnes' positivity was so non-infectious, that according to this report, he has been immediately cleared to rejoin the team.

This also frees the Red Sox from what had been an octopus of a dilemma, in which Barnes had been contact traced to no less than EIGHT other players.

They're all cleared as well now and the roster should be strong on Opening Day which is scheduled for Thursday April 1st at 1pm.

The question remains for me though, what exactly is a 'Non-Infectious Positivity'?

Is it possible to contract COVID-19, but your immune system is strong enough to fight it off on it's own at a much faster rate than normal?

Or is this a question of HIPAA law?

Did he receive an early vaccination because of a pre-existing health condition and then become infected?

Recent news stories, like this report from WMUR, have focused on people who have become infected with COVID-19 even after being immunized.

In these cases, the symptoms are so mild that the infected people barely shed enough virus for it to be deemed transmissible.

Since I have never heard of non-infectious positivity before, and this case with The Red Sox seems so odd, I'm just trying to figure out what may have happened.

It just could be a privacy issue and I have no problem leaving it at that.

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