I find Bill Murray to be a very likeable person and he makes me laugh every time he's interviewed, so naturally I was excited to see him on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'  Aside from the fact that the interview is a riot, I learned that I have something in common with the great Bill Murray.

Jimmy Kimmel asked him what his favorite job was, excluding his current acting gig, and his answer may surprise you.  He mentioned being a hot dog vendor, but then he went on to say he worked at Little Caesar's Pizza.  Watch the video for his hilarious answer as to why he liked being employed there so much.

Well, no kidding.  I too was a pizza master at Little Caesar's Pizza.  I worked at a few different stores, did five years with 'Little C's.'  I loved it.  I started in the Nashua store, worked Bedford, and maybe even Manchester (can't remember) and ended my pizza constructing career at the Dover location in 1999 or 2000 (again foggy memory.)  I ate a ton of pizza at Little Caesar's in those five years and to this day I still love their pizza and their 'Crazy Bread' and their wings.  By far my favorite job, besides working here of course.

Since we're talking about Bill Murray, why don't you check out the trailer for his new film 'St. Vincent,' which I'm sure will be excellent.



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