One of my favorite places in Southern Maine is Smiling Hill Farm in Westbrook.  In the summer time, it's one of the best places to get ice cream and their milk is the tastiest in the area.  They make other locally produced products like cream and cheese too, equally yummy.

This past weekend, according to a story from the Portland Press Herald, the farm took old Christmas trees for the sheep and goats to munch on that people were able to drop off.  Apparently ,according to the story, the goats and sheep find the trees quite delicious and as it turns out, they could be very good for them.  The trees help to keep away parasites.

If you missed this weekend's drop off, you can do so again this weekend.  Hopefully, this year's bounty of old trees will be as successful as last year that kept the goats and sheep at the farm eating the memories of Christmas past until the Summer.  When the animals have stripped the trees of all the tasty parts, the trees go into the burn pile.

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