Jodi from Accounting has bailed me out and replaced my lost mitten with another hand knit pair, yet, along with comfort and warmth, she has delivered a new mystery.

Jodi From Accounting Photo Credit

What color are these?

I looked at them and said 'WOW! Red Mittens! Awesome!' which of course was incorrect.

It has been scientifically proven that men see about seven colors and women see AT LEAST thirty different shades.


There hasn't even been a final consensus on the color throughout the female population of the building. Some have said 'Coral' while others have said 'Rust'.

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It is quite possible that the glare from the television may have interfered with the color of the mittens so I took another picture.

The way I see it, if it's the same color that you paint a barn, THAT IS RED.

I'll be very interested to read the other shades that people think they are, even though I cannot process them properly with my inferior male eyes.