This rainbow like display of wristbands on my workout sneaker is not my tribute to the late great Captain Lou Albano. It would be nice if I knew what charitable organizations are represented by each color, but that's not it either. Give up?

These wrist bands represent fitness achievements that I have not yet accomplished at Fit Body Transformations in Brentwood, NH.

Red - The Trunk Stability Push Up

Yellow - Active Leg Straight Raise

Blue - In Line Lunge

White - Shoulder Mobility

Orange - Rotary Stability

Once I complete each fitness achievement, I get to take the bands off my "Sneaker of Shame" (my words not theirs) and place it into what I call "The Bin of Pride".

If you'd like to see how many of these you can achieve, there is a terrific deal at FBT going on right now at Seize the Deal. Seriously, the 30 day jump start for $39.50 is borderline theft for the value you receive!


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