Here I am trying to enjoy a lovely day off when I walked by my gorgeous, practically brand new She-Shed and saw this hell-creation hanging from the side of it.

So, I did what any normal person would do.  I posted a pic on Facebook to get more information about this abomination hanging from my beautiful shed.  Some of my friends think they are funny... others think they know exactly what this is:

My friend Brian who knows me quite well:  "And that was the end of Sarah's she-shed."

Other comments:

I'm thinking a vampire

Are these...mating moths??

2 moths getting more action than I have in quite a while

I can’t unsee this

I believe I have seen something like that my nightmares

Another friend said:

That is a Cecropia moth emerging from cocoon and unfolding it’s wings. I hatched one in my room when I was 10. They are beautiful creatures!

Nope.  I don't think so.  I searched the internet for images of a Cecropia moth and this ain't it.

Another friend said:

Snakes love to eat them so don’t worry, it will be gone

Great, but... snakes tho....  UG!

Another friend of mine said:

That is a Soul Reaper moth. Moving or large fire might be best

See?  I'm not the only one who had the idea of moving.  Get out while we can, I say!   But wait... a SOUL REAPER MOTH?!!  There's no such thing, BUT there IS such a thing as a DEATH moth.  When I looked up "Death Moth Mating,"  (yes, I actually typed those words into a browser....)  It came up with all kinds of images.  This one looked the most like what we witnessed.  This is a HAWK moth.

Getty Images
Getty Images

But then I found this video on YouTube of a BLIND EYE SPHINKS MOTH mating.  This looks like what I saw too.  Before you watch this, I have to comment on the music.  What's up with the piano music?  I mean, this kind of stuff I hear at Yoga, not my nature videos.  It struck me as kind of weird.  Anyway, here you go:


This whole moth thing has taken up my entire day.  Seriously, we noticed this thing at about 10am this morning.  It was there until about 2pm.  4 hours worth of Moth Sex.  That's what I did on my day off.  Watched NatGeo in my own backyard.

NH Fish and Game Might Know What It Is

We are going to send my picture to NH Fish and Game to see if they know what it is.  I'll update this article when I find out.

Also - Jodie Foster is Now on My TV

I love Jodie Foster, but WHY is she on my TV today?  I am one that keeps the TV on just for background noise when I am home.  I don't know why I do it, I just do.  Jodie Foster, if you recall, was the lead in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS.  Moths were a big part of the serial killer's process.

Okay then.... I'll see you in the morning.  If I make it that long.

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