If you are in the remaining phases of New Hampshire's vaccination rollout and are a little intimidated at the prospect of using the new VINI registration site? Don't be! I just got my appointment!

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After one year and three weeks of wearing masks and gloves and timidly looking out my window for fun, the light is FINALLY at the end of the tunnel!

My vaccine appointment is booked!

I found the VINI system to be exponentially easier than it's predecessor, VAMS. If you haven't heard my previous VAMS rants, there were boxes that opened up other boxes that would disappear and the scroll bars for those disappearing boxes, were hidden!

Navigating through VINI took me no more than 25 minutes and that was probably because I read every word of the advisories.

Nothing was hidden or required a collegiate level coding expert to get through.

I was nervous because the health questions were fairly extensive and I thought that if, for instance, I clicked the box for my allergy to pecans that I'd get bounced and wouldn't be able to receive the vaccine.

I answered everything honestly and my registration went right through successfully.

I wouldn't be me however if I didn't have an anxiety ridden moment of panic at some point, and that was in the half hour after I thought I was in the clear.

Friends and relatives of mine were all celebrating on texts and social media that their appointments were booked and I was freaking out that I hadn't received the confirmation email.

Sure enough, just when I was sure that I must have misspelled my address, DING!, there it was.

Amazingly enough in just ten days, I'll be there!

In summary, I'd say the best way to go through VINI is to be honest with your answers and read all the advisories. And most importantly, be PATIENT when your confirmation email hasn't been sent in a half hour's time.

You can do this!

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