For all Granite State gamblers who have waited patiently before returning to Route 26 for safety's sake, I am here to give you an update on what to expect when you make that long awaited trip back to Oxford Casino.

Oxford Bonus Hit

When I last visited Oxford back in late July of last year, it was a very bittersweet experience.

I was happy to see all the safety precautions that were made, yet, it was far different than the casino that I have visited so many times since my first trip there in 2013.

Large sheets of dark fabric sectioned the place into 4 or 5 different rooms with very limited machines and the restaurants as well as the hotel, were closed.

I am happy to report that this weekend it resembled the Oxford Casino of old!

On Saturday, I entered from the hotel side,(Yes, it's open!), as this has been my traditional and superstitious 'good luck' entry way for years.

The foreboding fabric walls are long gone and the machines have all returned to their original spaces.

Due to safety protocols, about half of the machines are still turned off but many of my favorites, like Sun And Moon, Invaders From The Planet Moolah and Treasure Ball, were all on and functioning wonderfully.

Roulette and craps have not yet returned, but there was a craps table there with plexiglass sections that I've seen them use in Las Vegas recently.

My family was so excited to get there again that we showed up at 7AM, so our grand finale was in the form of lunch at The Oxford Pub. IT'S BACK!

And did you think I'd give you an update WITHOUT bragging about an awesome slot bonus that I hit?

Konami Gaming - Train Images
Konami Gaming - Train Images

These three pink circles indicate 8 free spins on the game entitled 'Great Moai', which resulted in an $81 net.

It was glorious.

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