According to WMUR-TV, a 19 year old from Northwood NH was driving an ATV on I-93 earlier this weekend and the mugshot (which is remarkable) only tells half the story.

Courtesy - NH State Police

Josh Meyer was allegedly first seen operating the ATV in Tilton and was finally apprehended when the off road vehicle ran out of gas in New Hampton.

Google Maps

My geographic knowledge of the Lakes Region isn't as extensive as it should be, so, I ran the course through the Googler!

This fifteen mile trek takes 17 minutes if you have a car that can safely drive the speed limit.

If this ATV has a 5 speed transmission, I suppose it is possible that this chase may have topped out at around 30 MPH.

HOWEVER, if this was a direct drive, the maximum speed  was probably around TWELVE miles an hour.

Regardless of the ridiculous pace, I'm glad that no one was injured.

According to the WMUR-TV video below, Mr. Meyer is due in court on July 19th.